About Us

About Us

Luxuriant gemstone jewellery with a modern sensibility using sterling silver and 18 carat gold plating.

Embers began for owner/designer Narena with the discovery of the intense beauty of gemstones whilst on a spiritual journey through the cultures of India and Asia. Inspired by the stunning colours, textures and shapes of the stones in traditional designs Narena decided she had to make them more wearable, more affordable and more suited to modern tastes. Embers was born! The stones were the starting point but the design and composition of the jewellery are very much a product of Narena's urban upbringing in Richmond, London. All our products are assembled and finished in our Sheen workshop.

All of our stones and materials are ethically sourced, and we only ever work with independent artisans who uphold our shared values, beliefs and philosophy. We want you to adore the jewellery you get from us, which is why we only use the finest diamonds, tourmalines and precious and semi-precious stones in our designs, and set them into sterling silver with 18 carat gold plating.

We have a real passion for beautiful embellishments, wearable design, and gorgeous handmade jewellery. Inspired by exotic cultures, exquisite stones and the essential colours of nature, our aim is to showcase a unique fusion of precious and semi-precious jewels, modern yet timeless design and masterful craft techniques to create unique gemstone jewellery for everyday modern women. From rose gold rings, peridot necklaces and ruby bracelets to silver hoop earrings, all Embers jewellery is utterly modern but with a flavour of ancient history. Moonstone, Labradorite, Sapphire and Garnet are some of our favourite stones to use! 

The name Embers is inspired by the wonderful and rich array of colors to be seen in the glowing embers of an open wood fire. We are also influenced by a range of historical periods: From the Pre-Raphaelites to the Arts and Crafts movement, and Eastern traditions to Oriental flavours of jewellery design. As you will see in our work, we are also captivated by the forms, colours and textures of nature.

Our owner Narena lives and works in London, but grew up in India and France, and we hope you can see her cultural heritage shining through in our work! Her family is still very much a part of her craft, and she visits her hometown as much as she can for inspiration, beautiful gemstones, and good home cooking!