• Violet Iolite Gemstone Silver Drop Earrings
  • Violet Iolite Gemstone Silver Drop Earrings

Violet Iolite Gemstone Silver Drop Earrings


With its three dimensional depth of Violet hues, these precious Iolite gemstone earrings will dazzle in sunlight and compliment any outfit. Handmade and set in solid sterling silver to complement its luxury and quality.

The Iolite precious gemstone consists of a variety of mineral cordierite, one of its best qualities is its strong pleochroic feature where the grains of the stone appears to have different colours dependent on the angle it is viewed at. The clear blue hues ranging from light to dark is coupled by a violet tinge glazed through the stone creating a beautiful collection of colours with shifting shades

Regarded as the Viking compass, this precious gemstone has an exquisite history of guiding early Viking settlers through hazy conditions at sea due to the stones ability to refract the sunlight when looked through.

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These raw natural stones will come with internal imperfections which add to the uniqueness of the product. Colours may slightly vary compared with the product image due to where the light is shining. The colour of the stones will vary dependant on the light source and are usually more vivid when worn.

Each of our pieces is handmade using the finest gemstones, sterling silver and 18 carat gold plating, so you can have the look and feel of fine jewellery for any occasion.


Stone size approx. H 1.5cm x W 1.0cm


All Embers pieces will be beautifully presented in our signature scented packaging.