• Small Watermelon Tourmaline Rose Gold Pendants
  • Small Watermelon Tourmaline Rose Gold Pendants

Small Watermelon Tourmaline Rose Gold Pendants


This small delicate watermelon tourmaline birthstone necklace features saturated olive green and pomegranate pink hues, encased in a subtle 18k rose gold vermeil setting.

Please note, these necklaces are sold singularly and the product received may slightly differ from those pictured in the main photo! A natural wonder found in Brazil, Watermelon Tourmaline is classed as a Bi-Colour semi-precious mineral because of its natural fusion of greens and pinks. This diffusion of colour is due to elements of copper present during the structural formation of the stone.

Tourmaline is highly regarded because of its rarity and range of colours. The most coveted and valuable Tourmalines show a marked translucency whilst maintaining a high pigmentation of colour, as can be seen with this superior range of slices.

Watermelon Tourmaline has to have a specific colour formation to be given its name – the stones must have a green surround and a pink centre in order to be able to be classed as the rare watermelon variety.

These pendants will come with internal imperfections, inclusions and fissures which add to the uniqueness of the product and enhance its organic design - these are not faults, and we believe they make each piece even more special and add to their inherent charm. These tourmaline slices are one of a kind natural pieces, and will include natural textures and characteristics.

Each stone is entirely different, with its own unique shape and size. Sizes will vary, but are usually around 1cm in length.

Our standard chain length is 16'' plus 2'' extension (which makes the total length 18'').