• Silver Black Opal Ring
  • Silver Black Opal Ring
  • Natural Black Opal Silver Birthstone Ring

Natural Black Opal Silver Birthstone Ring


These sterling silver gemstone rings are hand-set with precious black opal stones which have a rare electric colour-play! Opal is the Birthstone of October.

Black Opals are a highly regarded gemstone and are coveted for their rare and unusual electric colour-play! Each stone is a natural wonder formed entirely by mother nature, and can contain a multitude of colours from blues to greens and oranges to reds, meaning the piece you receive is totally unique in size, shape and colour!

Please note the price is for a single ring only. Due to the nature of opals, the ring you receive will be slightly different to the ones pictured, meaning you will have a piece totally unique to you!

Made from: Sterling Silver and Natural Black Opal. 

Opal sizes will vary, but are approx. 0.9cm- 1.2cm in height.

Band thickness approx: 1.5mm.