• Large Rare Watermelon Tourmaline Rose Gold Ring
  • Large Rare Watermelon Tourmaline Rose Gold Ring

Large Rare Watermelon Tourmaline Rose Gold Ring


These stunning Gemstone rings feature handpicked rare watermelon tourmaline slices set into Sterling silver and lovingly plated with 18k rose gold.

We have hand selected each slice, and chosen stones that have the most beautiful and unusual striations and display of colour, so each ring is utterly unique and one-of-a-kind!

Please note the ring you receive will have its own individual stone which may differ slightly from those pictured. These stones are made by Mother Nature and all have varying colour palettes, patterns and internal fissures which make them so special, and we think the element of surprise only intensifies their unique qualities!

A natural wonder found in Brazil, Watermelon Tourmaline is classed as a Bi-Colour semi-precious mineral because of its natural fusion of greens and pinks. This diffusion of colour is due to elements of copper present during the structural formation of the stone.

Tourmaline is highly regarded because of its rarity and range of colours. The most coveted and valuable Tourmalines show a marked translucency whilst maintaining a high pigmentation of colour, as can be seen with this superior range of slices.

Watermelon Tourmaline has to have a specific colour formation to be given its name – the stones must have a green surround and a pink centre in order to be able to be classed as the rare watermelon variety.


Ring Dimension approx 1.0cm x 0.9cm.

Band Thickness: approx. 0.2cm

Please note the price is for a single ring only.